Corneille Estates Homes for Rent

Nestled between Summer Club and Ocean Beach, Corneille Estates is only two blocks wide, running from the west side of Surf Road to Clipper Road. Unique meandering wooden walkways and dense greenery give the community a distinct feel from its neighbors. The standard lot size in Corneille Estates is 60X100, which gives the area a feeling of greater open spaces as compared to Ocean Beach which has a standard lot size of 50 X 80 and a more permissive zoning code with respect to buildable square footage.

Corneille Estates doesnt have its own commercial district, but downtown Ocean Beach is only a short walk away. Transportation to Corneille Estates is via the Ocean Beach ferry. Corneille Estates is home to Woodhull Elementary School, which is attended by year round residents from throughout the island. School facilities are available for public use and include indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a library, playground, and baseball field.

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