Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the unofficial capitol of Fire Island. Its commercial district is the largest on the island, spanning 7 blocks across the length of Bay Walk and featuring a number of restaurants, bars, and shops


Seaview is a residential community comprised of about 360 homes, situated between the more bustling towns of Ocean Beach and Ocean Bay Park. Known for its family oriented vibe, immaculately manicured landscape...

Ocean Bay Park

Ocean Bay Park lies between Seaview and Point O’ Woods. If Ocean Beach is the Manhattan of Fire Island and Seaview is it’s tony suburbs, Ocean Bay Park is its Brooklyn.

Corneille Estates

Nestled between Summer Club and Ocean Beach, Corneille Estates is only two blocks wide, running from the west side of Surf Road to Clipper Road. Unique meandering wooden walkways and...

Summer Club

Fire Island Summer Club, like its eastern neighbor Corneille Estates, is made up of only two blocks, Sloop Walk and Schooner Walk (also known as East Walk and West Walk, respectively).

Robbins Rest

Robbins Rest is a secluded community flanked by National Seashore preserve land on both sides. Located just over 1,000 feet west of the Summer Club and a quarter mile east of Atlantique, Robbins Rest is comprised of only 35 homes, each one stylistically different from the next.