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Ocean Beach is the unofficial capitol of Fire Island. Its commercial district is the largest on the island, spanning 7 blocks across the length of Bay Walk and featuring a number of restaurants, bars, and shops. From the moment they step off of the ferry, visitors are struck by the quaint charm of downtown Ocean Beach. In addition to the commercial district, the village has approximately 600 homes comprised of a mixture of bungalows, cottages and large modern beach homes.

As with the rest of Fire Island, the beauty of the beach is world famous and is the primary draw for most visitors. The beach features lifeguards and public restrooms. Additional community amenities include a long term and transient marina, bayfront tennis courts, basketball courts, community center, playground and childrens camp, Ocean Beach Youth Group. The Ocean Beach Community Fund sponsors many events including live concerts on the dock, the annual Arts & Crafts fair, and the annual community gala. The Fourth of July parade is not to be missed; Residents transform their wagons into themed floats on which their kids parade through town in elaborate costumes. Also known for its nightlife, Ocean Beach has something for everyone, making it a popular destination for all ages.

Ferry Service to Ocean Beach is direct from Bay Shore, which is just 48 miles from New York City, making Ocean Beach an easy get away for day-trippers, vacationers, and homeowners alike. As an incorporated village, Ocean Beach is one of only two self-governing communities on the island. The village has the only full-fledged police department on the island, with the exception of Suffolk County Police. Because the volume of visitors is greatest, Ocean Beach is known for enforcing stricter rules compared to neighboring towns, including prohibitions on eating, drinking, and dogs on the beach. The standard lot size in Ocean Beach is 50 X 80, and the zoning code is more permissive with respect to buildable square footage relative to neighboring communities falling under Town of Islip zoning jurisdiction.

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