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Robbins Rest is a secluded community flanked by National Seashore preserve land on both sides. Located just over 1,000 feet west of the Summer Club and a quarter mile east of Atlantique, Robbins Rest is comprised of only 35 homes, each one stylistically different from the next. Access to Robbins Rest is via an unpaved sandy stretch of Burma Road. This community prides itself on privacy and exclusion from the more populated beach towns on Fire Island. Robbins Rest was once home to Tequila Jacks, a popular restaurant and hotel, however the property was converted into a single family home, leaving Robbins Rest without direct ferry access. Residents make the 1,000 foot trek over sand to the Summer Club and continue on back to Ocean Beach for ferry services, groceries, and other necessities. While it may take a little extra effort to get there, particularly if you have luggage, once you arrive in Robbins Rest, you will find yourself in a remote paradise with the gorgeous beach nearly all to yourself.

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